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If you need information and explanations about how the website works, how to find an article, how to purchase it and how to pay for it, you are in the right place.
Here you will find all the answers you need, you just have to select the heading you are interested in.

The products on sale on are distributed by Carro Fashion s.a.s., a company registered at the Salerno C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture), n. 293991 of the Register of Companies, Fiscal Identification Code - VAT Registration Number n. IT03399160658.

Item search
Finding an item on is easy: you can look for it among the headings listed in the left column of the website or entering the name of the item you want in the search space, still in the left column. Click on the button and the inner search engine will show you the available items.
The article prices are expressed in euros (€), they include the in-force VAT (Value Added Tax) that varies according to the different article typologies.
The resulting total price at the end of the purchase procedure is comprehensive of the transport charges, but it does not include the Customs duties and the possible additional charges on the sale.
Prices could change for reasons not depending on Carro Fashion, in this case the new price will be clearly indicated on the website.
On the website prices can be displayed even in US Dollars ($); it is sufficient to select the currency on top.

In order to purchase on, it is necessary to be registered at it; the registration is free, it only requires the necessary time to enter your own data and it does not involve any purchase.
How do you make the registration?
When you first purchase something, you need to fill a registration form with your own personal data and choose a password. The password is not the one you normally use to log on Internet, but it is a fancy one, especially chosen for At the end of the procedure we will send the new subscriber an email with the summary of the entered data.
What is it for?
The registration is necessary to have the data for the shipment of the purchased articles and it allows our users to have an easier and faster access to the store services. As a matter of fact, after the first purchase, it will be sufficient to enter the user’s personal data, e-mail and password, to buy without filling any other form.
What happens to my data?
The entered data are registered into electronic archives, they are processed with secure computerized means and they are only used for purchase purposes or to inform users on our initiatives. Anyway don’t worry about that: your data will not be disclosed to anyone, as we care for our users’ security.
Can I modify or cancel my data?
You can modify them directly on your private area and request the cancellation of your data at any time with an e-mail to
For further information about the personal-data processing, we suggest you to go to our Privacy page.
What is the private area?
Is your own personal area where you can enter only inserting your identifying data to check a lot of important information such as: your basket, your order state, your data, the memo items.

The orders on can be placed only by the users who are registered to the Website, following the on-line purchase procedure. Carro Fashion reserves the right to refuse an order if doubts exist on its truthfulness - incomplete or inconsistent personal data, supposable default already revealed in previous purchases - or in the event of items that are out of stock.
How do I purchase an item?
Purchasing on is easy, follow these steps:
1) When you find the item you want to buy click on “add to the shopping basket” and define the quantity.
2) In order to purchase immediately, click on “checkout” or you can go on with the shopping, without losing the items already in the basket, and you can complete the purchase procedure later.
3) If you still have to log in, the system will ask you for your identification data (your e-mail address and password) you used to register at
4) Read the summary of your order following the steps for the shipping and payment then click on "Confirm order".
5) Paying by credit card, you will be redirected to the Banca Sella secure servers, where you will complete the procedure.
6) Anyway at the conclusion of your purchase, you will receive our confirmation e-mail containing the identification data of your order. All you have to do is to wait for the goods delivery.
How do I remove an item from the shopping basket?
In order to remove an item from the shopping cart, click box in the cancel column or enter the number 0 with reference to the article to eliminate in the quantity column, then click on “update”. The article will disappear from your shopping cart and the amount will be automatically recalculated.
Follow the same procedure if you want to modify the quantity of an article already in the shopping cart; in this case instead of number 0, you will have to enter the quantity you want.
How many days the items I've selected stay in my basket?
They stay in the basket for seven days. Then, the are automatically cancelled and if you want to buy them, you have to add them to your basket again.

For the purchases on it is possible to pay by:
1) Credit Card (Italy and abroad)
The credit card must be a Visa or a MasterCard.
Is it safe to use the credit card?
The transaction takes place on Banca Sella servers (, which guarantee the security for the credit card transactions. As a matter of fact Banca Sella employs the SSL standard (Secure Socket Layer), the system which guarantees the highest security level for the on-line transactions.

The shipments of the articles are carried out by the following couriers:
How much is the shipment?
The shipping cost depends of the destination and the volumetric weight of the product you want to buy. A detailed table is aviable here.
What is the shipping time?
ITALY - After 24 hours from the order registration date, the delivery is carried out in Italy within the following 48-72 hours (from Monday to Friday). Possible further delays in the delivery could be caused by the inefficiency of the postal service or because the articles are temporarily out of stock. In this case, once 5 working days have elapsed (excluding Saturday and Sunday), please contact the customer care service at or call at +39 089.875.780
OTHER CONTRY - After 24 hours from the order registration date, the delivery is carried out abroad within the following 14 working days (from Monday to Friday). Possible further delays in the delivery could be caused by the inefficiency of the postal service or because the articles are temporarily out of stock. In this case, once 14 working days have elapsed (excluding Saturday and Sunday), please contact the customer care service at or call at +39 089.875.780

If goods are shipped to a Country that does not belong to the European Community, they will be liable to Customs duty and possible taxes on the sale; any supplementary charge relative to the clearance procedures is meant to be exclusively paid by the receiver. Customs duty and possible taxes vary from Country to Country and they will be applied to the goods on their arrival at the destination Country. For any information relative to Customs duty, possible taxes and goods clearance procedures, it is advisable to contact the competent Customs Offices (

The Italian Law (Legislative Decree dated 22nd May 1999 N.185 art. 5) establishes that the consumer who acts in an unrelated way to his own commercial activity – retailers and companies are not included – can exercise the withdrawal right by returning the seller the article in order to obtain the relative refund, in the cases provided for in law.
How can the withdrawal right be exercised?
The withdrawal right can be exercised by sending - within the following ten working days - a recorded delivery letter with proof of delivery to the following address: Carro Fashion s.a.s.- Viale Pasitea 90/90A/92 - 84017 Positano (Sa). . The communication can be sent within the same time also by telegram, telex and fac-simile, provided that – within the following 48 hours – it is confirmed by a recorded delivery letter with proof of delivery.
The essential condition to exercise the withdrawal right is to return the purchased items in a good preservation state; all the returned items must be accurately packed in order to protect the original covers from any damaging, writing or labelling. The goods must be returned to: Carro Fashion s.a.s.- Viale Pasitea 90/90A/92 - 84017 Positano (Sa). The spent amount refund or the article replacement generally takes 30 days from the receipt of the returned goods and after their inspection.
Delays could occur because the mail service, used by Carro Fashion, delivers the returned packages once or twice a month.
If the customer chooses the fastest shipment (recorded, express and swift delivery services or other), the refund, complications excepted, will be effected in 15 days. Exceeded this time, please call + 39 089 875780 or send a fax to + 39 089 811633, to the attention of the person in charge of the refund procedures, Mr. Ambrogio.
The refund does not include the transport charges, both for the shipment and for the possible goods replacement.

The regulation in force, applicable to the purchases on is the Italian Republic law.
For any controversy related to the product marketing on the website, the competent court will be the Court of Salerno.

Our customer care service is at our users’ disposal for any request of information related to articles, orders, personal data and website services.
You can contact us as follows:
1) e-mail
-, as regards order and item information, sale conditions, etc;
2) Telephone
+39 089 875 780
3) Fax
+39 089 811 633, to the attention of the person in charge of this service, Mr. Guido.
In case of requests related to placed orders, it is always necessary to quote the order number and the article codes.

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